Advisory Commitee Member

Ted Federici
President of Federici Coaching
As a private business consultant and executive coach, I work in both the for profit and not-for–profit worlds, with board members officer-level leaders and those designated as having high potential. My purpose is to help leaders achieve their goals, improve the bottom line and to help leaders manage their lives in an orderly, dependable fashion.

Serve on the board of Breakthrough New York and was its chairperson 2010-13. This is a not-for-profit organization that enables middle school youngster in the City of New York school system achieve entrance to college.

Trilogy Partners
As COO of Trilogy Partners (2010-2014), I helped the CEO bring the company to its current state that is poised to be a force in its market place. Having completed my original obligations and goals, I switched to delivering the Trilogy promise as an alliance partner with responsible for over $200K in annual revenue for the company.

NYNEX Corporation/Verizon
Appointed Vice President and Officer of the NYNEX Corporation, capping a 28-year career with the Bell System.  Responsible for corporate image, advertising, government relations, corporate contributions and media relations.  As an officer of the corporation, I also had horizontal responsibility for the success of the company by assisting the president and nine other officers.

Ted Federici


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