“My business is too small. I’m sure it’s worth it, but we simply can’t afford your fees.”

For a restaurant, accounting fees typically run .5 - 1.5% of sales.  If we help you lower your food & liquor costs by just that amount, or find a more cost effective vendor for you, our services may, and often do, literally pay for themselves.

“Your consulting services sound great but I’m not sure I really need them.”

We believe one of our primary functions is to help keep you out of trouble.  Just in the area of minimum wage and overtime issues, the potential pitfalls are numerous and can be devastating.  Many times restaurateurs don’t realize they will benefit from strong oversight and support in areas like this until it’s too late.

"What do you mean “minimum wage and overtime" issues?  I know what the minimum wage is."

Did you know that?

…… the minimum wage for delivery workers is higher than the minimum wage for servers and bussers?

…… there’s a special overtime rate calculation for minimum wage workers?

…… there can be special overtime rate calculations when a worker works at different positions in the same week?

…… additional pay is generally due to workers when they work a “double”?