Our Solutions

Alessandro & Associates is a boutique CPA and advisory organization with a substantial virtual firm of proven associates in different fields, enabling us to offer a wide range of services and solutions while maintaining a distinctly personal relationship with our clients.​​

While we specialize in restaurants and bars, we handle an array of food and beverage related businesses with equal expertise. In addition, we have a wealth of experience handling wholesale, import and service businesses where we successfully leverage our core skills to deliver the same high value that all our clients receive. 
  1. Technology Advisors
    Technology Advisors
    We understand it can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing role of technology in business. Our technology partners are consultants, not salespeople. Whether you are choosing hardware or software, we take pride in helping you identify technology solutions that are the best fit for your business. We do not recommend products or software that we would not use ourselves. We have the advantage of being users of many of these products, which offers us the unique opportunity to truly understand the technology solutions we offer to our clients. With remote monitoring and management tools, our partners can easily and efficiently resolve your issues without the wait for a technician to arrive on-site. Using this resource, we can securely access your computer while you watch. This allows us to perform maintenance, upgrade software or even do live, online training.