Our Services 1
  1. Accounting & Bookkeeping
    Receiving accurate, detailed and timely financial information is vital in helping you make sound business decisions. We know what controls and procedures your establishment needs to protect your assets and deliver such information. Whether you operate a Michelin-starred restaurant in Midtown or a sports bar in Brooklyn, the unique bookkeeping and accounting needs of restaurants and bars make it imperative that your CPA be actively involved in the details while, at the same time, not getting lost in them. We also offer controller level services, if that’s what you need. Unlike the typical “outside” accountant, we work as closely with you and your bookkeeper as necessary to get the job done right. QuickBooks Account System Design QuickBooks Management Report Design QuickBooks Memorized Transaction Setup Expert QuickBooks Training Bookkeeping & Reconciliation Services Accounting Review & Adjustments Financial Statement Analysis
  2. Tax & Compliance
    You worked hard bringing your business to where it is today. Our tax advice and preparation services will ensure that you keep your fair share of what you earn. While minimizing taxes is a priority, preparing accurate, timely returns and answering all tax notices quickly and effectively is a must; no one wants to go through an audit whether it’s for income taxes, payroll taxes or sales tax. Should your business be randomly selected for examination, our seasoned team knows how to minimize the pain or eliminate it altogether! Business Tax Planning & Consulting Business Income & Franchise Tax Preparation Payroll Tax Consulting & Preparation Sales Tax Preparation & Audit Representation Miscellaneous Business Taxes Personal Income Tax Planning & Preparation
  3. Consulting Services
    Our consulting services focus on two areas: profit and compliance. You love what you do, but you also deserve to profit from all your hard work. Our extensive profit consulting services are proven effective. At the same time, all your profit can disappear in a moment if a labor lawsuit or other action against you is successful. Navigating your way through NYC’s increasingly complex regulatory environment is not why you opened your restaurant. Our up-to-date knowledge of the issues and proactive communications will give you peace of mind so you can concentrate on what matters to you – running your business! In short, we keep you apprised of potential pitfalls and help you take advantage of opportunities to increase profit. Profit & Restaurant Operations Consulting Risk Management & Opportunity Analysis General Business Consulting Payroll Compliance & Consulting Sales Tax Consulting Business Investigations & Due Diligence Investor & Key Employee Relations Notice & Problem Resolution POS Systems Consulting
  4. Business Startup
    Getting seasoned professional help in the startup phase of your business is vital. We can help you create a powerful business plan, choose the right entity structure, attract financing and review your operating agreement, advise you on the tax implications and suggest appropriate changes.
  5. Business Termination
    Should you decide to sell or terminate your business, we can help you structure a deal to minimize taxes, help identify uncollected assets, file all returns and clear up issues with governmental authorities and otherwise help you completely and properly wind up company affairs, including the legal dissolution of your entity.