Alessandro & Associates Mobile App

We carefully designed the A&A App in response to the growing use of smart phones and mobile devices used by our clients across the United States and as they travel abroad.  We wanted to develop a way to keep you up to date with the very latest news, views and tips from A&A, as well as providing you with key accounting data in real time at your fingertips.

Alessandro & Associates is one of the first accounting firms in NY to launch a free mobile accounting app. The great news is that this app can be downloaded free onto your iPhone, iPad or Android devices.  It's complete with useful  portals for document exchange, cloud accounting and storage services all of which you will be able to access for free, anywhere you have internet.  ​​

Using the App you can track receipts and expenses by simply snapping a photo of them and then uploading into your QB Accounting software if you are subscribed to our Accounts Payable automated systems.  It will help you to track all your expenses with ease and enable us to interact digitally with you.
As a firm we are committed to finding ways to communicate and interact with our clients in the most efficient way possible.  The new app enables us to send 'Push Notifications' to all app users. We will be using this feature to share important news, tax deadline reminders and financial updates with you. 

The app provides you with just about every service you could ask for and more.  We've put your favorite business systems, invaluable tools and features such as QuickBooks Online, Cloud9, LogMeIn, xtraCHEF & Plate IQ.  Instant access to the latest financial news and information and valuable company information directly from us.  With all this on one app. Our app will likely be your go-to-tool in the future.
We like to think of ourselves as a proactive firm of Accountants, helping companies and individuals across NY and beyond to become more successful, more profitable and ultimately more enjoyable to run.  The A&A app gives you fantastic content & it makes it really easy to keep in touch.  It has a simple 'Make an Appointment' page, along with all our contact information, as well as links to our Knoweledge Base white papers, Social Media & Blog.

We hope you enjoy the Alessandro & Associates App!