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Our up-to-date a la carte Knowledge Base helps you find answers to questions affecting all areas of your business.  Industry specific white papers for your review. Click on one of main subjects below to subscribe.

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  1. Starting a Business
    • Entity Choice Overview • LLC Formation • Asset vs. Stock Purchase
  2. Payroll
    • Labor Law Violations • NYS New Hire Documents - Restaurant • Minimum Wage - NYC
  3. Sales Tax
    • Getting Behind on Sales Tax • Sales Tax Filing and Payment Schedule • Sales Tax - Room Fees
  4. Business Taxes
    • Deductible Expenses vs. Capital Expenditures • Segregatom Studies • NYC Corporation Estimated Tax
  5. Personal Taxes
    • Metropolitan Commuter Tax SE Individuals • LLC Member Expenses • Health Insurance for LLC Members
  1. Bookkeeping
    • Accrual vs. Cash Basis Accounting • Cost Allocations • Managing Accounts in QuickBooks
  2. QuickBooks / IT
    • QuickBooks Checks • QuikBooks Cloud9 Web Hosting • QuickBooks Online
  3. Insurance
    • Disability Insurance Compliance • Workers' Compensation Overview • Health Care Law Notification
  4. Restaurant Operations & Controls
    • Restaurant Controls • Food Cost Controls • Menu Science
  5. Ending a Business
    • Liquor Inventory at Closing • Dissolving a NYS LLC • Tax Allocations on Asset Sale-Purchase