Advisory Commitee Member

Gary Wilheimer
Medallion Transport & Logistics, LLC
2009 – Present (7 years)
Medallion Transport and Logistics, LLC. Is a non-asset based agent/owner-operator motor carrier offering truckload, brokerage intermodal services throughout North America. Medallion has built build a superior network of experienced transport sales agents
Launched, expanded and grew Medallion into a $80 million transportation solution provider with a diverse service offering. Leadership, Vision and Integrity has lead Medallion to be recognized by Grant Thornton as a Top 100 private company in North Carolina. Oversee 30 field office locations across the country responsible for sourcing and serving new clients, coordinating shipments, and fulfilling customer orders. Leverage expertise in risk management, financial planning, and credit analysis to maintain profitability through the most challenging consumer market in generations. Supervise over 250 employees and independent contractors responsible for running the business. 

• Negotiated the most competitive rates with banks, fuel providers, and insurance companies. Controlled costs within the parameters mandated by the company’s top-down and bottom-up financial models.

• Integrated new hardware and software alternatives to strengthen the information technology and technical infrastructure. Developed proprietary logistics management software that saved research and programming expenses.

Gary Wilheimer


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