“What value does your firm offer me?”

All accounting firms charge fees for basic tax preparation services.  We bundle our tax, accounting and consulting services to maximize our value to you.  We focus on helping you make smart business decisions, finding operating cost savings and avoiding business risks.  In short we help you to build and protect your wealth.

“Why do you bundle your services?”

Most restaurants don’t have a controller, accounting department, a human resources department or in-house legal counsel.  While we don’t offer legal services, our team of experienced professionals “fill in the gaps” inherent in your business, without the need to hire a myriad of outside consultants.

“Your fees are higher than other quotes we are getting.”

Our pricing is a reflection of our depth of services.  Most accounting firms offer tax filing services but little or nothing in the way of bookkeeping support, financial analysis and business advice.  If you have in-house resources and need a reduced scope of services, we are happy to discuss it with you.

“It seems like you might be giving legal advice.”

We don’t, but we can save you a lot of money on legal fees.  We are in constant consultation with some of the best restaurant attorneys in NYC and know the ins and outs of numerous issues that can affect your restaurant.