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Alessandro & Associates 
Advisory Committee

​​Our Core Values:

Quality - Quality is the uncompromising standard for our thinking, actions
and service delivery.  In order to meet or exceed client expectations we hold
ourselves to the highest standards as trusted advisors.

Efficiency - We deliver our advisory and accounting expertise in the best
possible manner with the least waste of expense, time and effort.  We
ensure efficiency by building and developing a team of trusted associates
highly suited for their roles.

Achievement - ​Through initiative, passion, and superior ability we over-
come challenges and realize our goals. We take pride in everything we
do and recognize the efforts and accomplishments of others.

Responsibility - We take ownership of our relationships and our actions, and act with integrity and accountability when engaging with our clients and each other.

Mutuality - The standard by which we measure our business relationships is to ensure that trust and mutual value is created, shared and exchanged.  The actions and behaviors of our organization will never be at the expense of clients or each other.

  1. Joanne Paniccia, CPA
    Joanne Paniccia, CPA
    Executive Account Manager Joanne@aaacpas.com Joanne Paniccia has been with the firm virtually since its inception and is a member of the Leadership Team. Joanne is our chief tax accountant with additional responsibilities including business accounting and business and operational consulting. Joanne's extensive knowledge of the food service industry and her expertise in working with small businesses has facilitated the growth of the firm. She continually cultivates and maintains client relationships and takes pride in their financial successes.
  2. Arlene Sambuco
    Arlene Sambuco
    Director of Client Services Arlene@aaacpas.com When Arlene joined Alessandro & Associates in 2005, she brought with her 25 years’ experience in the Jewelry Industry in product development and client relations, as well as her NYU education. Arlene has further developed her management skills and now manages the Accounting department, implementing a multi-dimensional system of departmentalizing tasks. She is a vital part of the Alessandro & Associates upper management team. Arlene’s responsibilities include supervising a growing staff of 8, assisting clients with the setup of their bookkeeping systems, extensive training in QuickBooks software, and overseeing all Workers’ Compensation & Liability insurance audits. Her extensive knowledge in the Food Service Industry and accomplishments have enabled Arlene to respond to client needs, handling inquiries and requests of our clients, while focusing on new account startups.
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